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High School Student

High school students have two programs to choose from

Program One: Dual Enrollment | Program Two: Early College Academy

FDTC’s Dual Enrollment Program refers to students being enrolled in two distinct academic programs or educational institutions while earning credit at both institutions. A Dual Enrollment or Dual Credit course is any course taken that gives high school students the opportunity to earn both high school and college credit. Dual Enrollment students often complete a few transferable credit courses to carry with them to a four-year college or university; however, they will not earn a degree.

FDTC's Early College Academy (ECA) provides public, private, charter, and home school association students with equitable access to college-level courses while still in high school. The program accelerates pathways to degree completion, allowing students quicker entrance into the workforce or a 4-year college experience with junior status. We are committed to creating fast-track educational opportunities for high school students interested in getting a head start on their careers. Our ECA programs enable students to eliminate two college years and accumulated debt.

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